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Masai is a producer for women’s clothing from denmarc, founded 1992. Masai convinces with a large selection and focuses on an relaxed and individual style. You can find masai in more than 25 clothing stores and boutiques. Its huge success is due to various factors of combination, like the complete outfit. Just let us inspire you.

Nowadays many people are aware of the production process which may impact on our environment. Masai is known for its fare trade and is aware of ethics. For example, working conditions, rights of people and animals, laws for environmental impact in the countries of production, against corruption….


OSKA, has his roots in Germany with its headquarters in Munich, Schwabing. Selling all over the world and producing over 300 new looks every year. OSKA lives different stylings and types, understated and simple elegance, relaxed and comfortable, global glam and an everyday look with more luxury spin. OSKA has the solution for all shapes and sizes and its colourful combinations are far away from being loud.

1997 was the beginning of OSkA and has more than 250 employees. The priority for OSKA is the quality of their product. The producer is aware of the perfect finish, the comfort and the timeless design.

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Ischiko – Oska

Eva Tralala

Eva Tralala has been able to compete in the tough fashion and textile business for over 20 years. The first shops opened their doors in Paris in the heart of France. Eva Tralala started as a family business and the fact that the offspring has continued the label, it has remained that way. The company is always at the forefront of the industry , due to the fact that they operate in Paris , city of love and fashion.

Eva Tralala processes high quality linen, the texture of this fabric allows a flexible fit for freedom and comfort. The winter collection is striking using materials such as wool in an extensive colour and combination range.


Maloka produces their goods exclusively in Portugal and focuses on a young and fresh line. Maloka is originally from the south of France and also cares about sustainable production and high quality textiles, which are confirmed by various certifications.

For the summer collection, the clothes mainly combine linen and cotton. Also in winter natural materials play an important role. Maloka has fresh colours and the collection tries to tell stories with the complete outfit. People can identify easily by this story telling.


Occo is also a designer from France who offers a little figure hugging while maintaining comfort and style. Tops, dresses and tunics in light and colourful materials embrace you effortlessly throughout the summer. For the cooler seasons Occo use eye catching fabrics for trendy and young feminine outfits.


Lulu, a French fashion brand impacts with cheerful and fancy outfits for all age groups. The cut and colour combinations reflect a little of the Chanel style.


Purple Rose specialises in sizes from L to XXXL. The flattering clothes with attractive design, stylish combinations and selective fabrics make you feel special and very comfortable. French chic to enjoy.